Justin Chiang

Justin Chiang is a euphonium and trombone player from Burnaby, British Columbia. Justin completed his Bachelor’s of Music Degree in euphonium and tenor trombone at the University of British Columbia and completed his Master’s of Music in euphonium performance at Indiana University. He has been seen playing with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, and the Singing Hoosiers to name a few. Justin has also spent time in the Canadian Armed Forces playing with the Band of the Ceremonial Guard and the Band of the 15th Field Regiment. Justin has a strong interest in various genres of music and enjoys having the opportunity to play in all different types of ensembles. Some of the ensembles that he has played with includes: orchestras, wind ensembles, brass quintets, brass dectets, trombone ensembles, jazz ensembles, and brass bands. Justin has had the privilege of working with Daniel Perantoni, Carl Lenthe, Peter Ellefson, Greg Cox, and Peder MacLellan.