Manuel Alberto Morales

Manuel Alberto Morales graduated from York University obtaining his undegraduate degree in Fine Arts in 2004.  During his undergraduate study, he studied Chinese classical music performing on Chinese membrane flute (Dizi).  He also obtained experience performing on fiddle and piano.  Thereafter, he went on to teach piano and music theory privately. He returned to York University in 2009 and obtained his graduate arts degree concentrating in music composition, analysis and music performance interpretation. At York University, he composed various works, including his String Quartet, The Book of Shorts for piano, a piano sonata and the tuba concerto “Three Canadian Landscapes” for his thesis on Canadian orchestral music.  After completing his graduate studies at York University in 2010, he continued teaching piano privately and concentrating on piano improvisation.  Currently, Manuel Alberto Morales works as a freelance composer and musician writing primarily for the piano, chamber ensembles and involved with the improvisation community in Toronto.