Jeffrey Clements

Jeffrey Clements is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and graduate of the University of Toronto, where he majored in Composition. As a composer, Jeffrey has written extensively for small chamber groups, vocal and instrumental soloists, wind ensembles and orchestras. His woodwind quintet piece “January in Rouge Park” was performed at a Rouge River Winds concert in 2016 and more recently he has written a full wind ensemble piece for the same organization. Jeffrey has performed many solo bassoon recitals, often showcasing his own compositions, and has performed with ensembles such as the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, The Bermuda Philharmonic, Kindred Spirits Orchestra and the North York Symphony Orchestra. Jeffrey has always been a multi-instrumentalist; besides bassoon, he also has extensive experience playing and teaching flute, saxophone and piano. He currently is preparing to apply to teachers college to become a high school band teacher.